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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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fears of all the cursing in the cradle of democracy great police arrest another journalist before he can reveal claims of fraud of surrounding the country's bailout. e.u. cash demands backfire on the british prime minister rebels from david cameron's own party deal him his worst blow since he took power by voting for cuts to the country's payments to brussels. and washington calls for a total revamp of the syrian opposition's main body as their main western bankers appear to have lost faith.
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and thank you for joining our t.v.'s thursday with me karen taraji well the greek authorities looked to be taught me to hold on the media as another journalist is taken into custody in an alleged attempt to silence him spittles a cut out soffit its promise to reveal potentially damaging information on the greek bailout on t.v. but it was rusted before he could get out its affinities claims he has proof that facts about the greek deficit that forced athens to seek aid were fraudulent he says he received the data from hackers group anonymous who broke into government computers now at the same time another great journalist cost us vocative on us is on trial for a breach of privacy for publishing the names of two thousand greeks with swiss bank accounts let's now talk to me carl this seattle's from me on the news eating sea thank you for joining our team now spiros cut out sify it is has been arrested before he even had time to reveal any proof of the claims he has if this information was false and the governments of the. really has nothing to fear why
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was he taken into custody so quickly. thank you very much for if you. think about the case of mr. through white now he's in a hospital. yesterday. for a very big ten year old i think about this one of the cases that a lot of journalists a mouth and reasoned of course how do you when you i'm afraid to quite now that is an attack on the police a pretty serious. a lot of journalists afraid quitely some government. frankly to push through and i cannot because the problem has the only way to do to succeed by the. media. excuse me i'm sorry interrupt but he doesn't let that be a great deficit that for staff and to seek a bailout was a fraud it's a major claim to make but if it is true would it have been done why would it we
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don't know we don't know exactly what the goal will be follow mr towser figures i. always horsemeat done he doesn't the feelers are very well we don't know about. this you trace interviews fail. all of the old journalist you know if you. have a hope that there would be nothing and he said it is going to be again in vero in their own. but i don't know exactly what is going on quite now you know is because we're also for two or three cases. a lot of journalists that often get is said. and i guess their quest for greece as you. missed it actually of armies is invested in investigative journalist.
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he will go to do good jobs because. he said about two thousand we were getting with a bucket of bank accounts and. he's got it for all of us and the duty of the german obviously. is you do it to the public for these reason you go to. now we have been getting used to seeing these disturbing financial headlines coming out of greece but now it's accusations of censoring the media now if athens can't solve its problems is it set on silencing its critics. i don't that this that i don't hear you ok i'll repeat the question if you can hear me a little bit better we've been seeing these disturbing financial headlines coming out of greece for some time now but now the accusations are of censoring the media so if athens really can't seem to solve its problems do you think now it's sort of
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set on silencing its critics yes the problem right now is the government dr favorite way he began the mr summer i was the prime minister the way to begin to money too late for a. public and private media that's that's the problem you know. they need to have a lot of problems first of all there look the look of jobless where thirty thousand jobless generally. got show with. drove us a lot of generally dry who views the government vip with the journalist not the enemy the enemy is outside of the of course is not in the. domain. it is the end of
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a german car law from athens me see those from the athens news agency thank you the . funding for the european union has sparked a rebellion in the british parliament prime minister david cameron's own conservative backbenchers dealt him the worst a defeat since he took power in two thousand and ten euro skeptic tories joined forces with the opposition and voted for cutting the u.k.'s cash flow to brussels r.t. sarah for of has the details. well the most significant defeat full the government since they came to power we saw two m.p.'s standing alongside labor calling for real time cuts to the budget now those negotiations all of that budget are going to take place in brussels later on this month as prime minister david cameron has been calling on his party to stand with him in his approach to these negotiations that he's been trooping about a rise in line with inflation which would have been at about eighty percent the government today very much trying to downplay that defeat saying of kools they're
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going to be fighting for britain's best interests clearly many members of their own policy feeling that the best wasn't good enough it was a significant that the fifty three tory m.p. that has left the government looking increasingly disconnected not just from their own policy but from the british public as well certainly when it comes to this question of the e.u. you know we had the prime minister nick clegg speaking today in a keynote speech talking in defense of britain's role within the e.u. now he spoke about the arguments the repacholi of powers from the as a full promise wrapped in a union jack one m.p. describing it last like another very passionate debate that we saw taking place in the house of commons as alice in wonderland economics and that's a very much a sense you get from a lot of people that is disconnected from reality to all the people who are
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tightening their belts to be contributing even more money to the good decision made last night isn't going to be binding on the government but it's certainly going to prime minister david cameron under a fair amount of pressure when he joins that negotiating table we don't know of course what the outcome of these negotiations will be but one thing is absolutely certain that this very heated debate and argument about britain's role within. he is looking set to run and run. let's not talk to robert oulds the rector of the group britain's biggest euro skeptic think tank thank you robert for being with us now what effect will this rebellion have on david cameron's negotiations with the e.u. at a summit in brussels later this month. well david cameron has actually limited powers when it comes to how much money the british taxpayer is forced to pay to the european union each year because the vote in the parliament was for the express a few the house of commons was or should be a cut in the e.u.
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budget that's a real terms cut in the amount of money that britain hands over to the e.u. each year what will happen is that there will be actually some kind of increased it even that will be a real terms increase or cash increase because he can't actually stop more money going to the european union under the terms of the lisbon treaty he doesn't actually have the power to stop that so it will of course hopefully strengthen his hand to say look i'm really not in a position to hand over more money because of the problems within my own party but anything other countries want more british taxpayers' money for their own taxpayers as well to add more money into the coffers then that will go ahead so video has powers of actually limited because of the terms of the lisbon treaty now before ever david cameron was trying to heal divisions in his party by saying he would take a hard line at the summit and also that he wanted cuts that the rebels effectively really given him an opportunity to take this hard line with brussels well it would
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be a great person to see that there's a opportunities and benefits here david cameron because it is actually quite humiliating because there was a whip on this vote and he wanted his m.p.'s to vote with the government which would be to seek a real terms freeze in the budget which would include more money handed over to brussels but it wouldn't be above the rate of inflation so really he has been forced into a position now where his own backbench is saying look we really want more from you on europe and you must deliver more we want powers were turned from the westminster to an elected parliament we don't want to be handing over more money so really was . he seeing is. to persuade the party to come with him and he knows that he is talking tough on europe will of course get him more votes but what he needs to do is deliver because otherwise there will be more problems within the conservative
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party more evolves which will undermine his premiership now one of the conservative rabble service felt reflective of years of the british people is that true how does the general public see the u.k.'s relationship with europe the british people are very opposed to the common british terms of membership of the european union most british people either want to come out of the you or to have a significant transfer of powers back from the e.u. institution which covers governs too much of our lives in this country to our elected representatives in this country people but he denies that the u. is a which is basically a waste of taxpayers' money each year have to pay billions and over the next two years britain will have to pay approaching eighteen billion pounds to the european union each year course there would be some money in terms of the rebate but that is a declining amount so the british people recognise that the european union is a burden to farkle it's a cost of that is far too great and one powers and the money back of us and our
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attorneys from london robert alter bridge group director thank you. now just days before the u.s. presidential election green party candidate jill stein has been arrested for a second time until weeks she was trying to bring food and supplies to activists protesting against an extension to an oil pipeline in texas stan was later released after being charged with trespassing green party spokesman scott mclarty it says the incident shows alternatives to obama and romney are being sidelined. dr stein was assisting the activists in order to make a statement she was delivering supplies to the protestors i understand that they were camping out in trees they were in the they were in the way of the construction of the pipeline we do know that the last time dr stunned was arrested about two weeks ago when she attempted to enter the obama romney debate that was taking place
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at hofstra university on long island she and running mate cherie hanako were detained and handcuffed to to a chair for four eight hours before being released the obama romney debates are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates which is itself owned by the democratic and republican parties for the express purpose of privileging their own candidates and excluding other candidates and we we call that an outrage. third party candidates jill stein and karin johnson well again tried to break the mainstream media blockade right on the eve of the vote r.t. will broadcast the final round of their debates live on monday. governor romney are we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's come back to something the president i agree on and there to you agree that the voters have
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a choice perhaps you wondered how to vote for whatever romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tuned in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on our team. washington turns its back on the leadership of the syrian opposition twenty look at why the u.s. has ditched the foreign based group and called for a major opposition overhaul but plans to bring rebel fighters on board that's just ahead. of. the mighty volga that runs deep through the russian soul it is providing the inspiration for songs and poems and is the country's main north south phone tree and decades ago schumann ingenuity connected it to the don't revert to the west
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evoke the dawn canal is an engineering marvel within a day a vessel can pass the canals thirteen looks ten million tons of shipping does so every year. another concrete giant is this finished fifty years ago it's the biggest hydroelectric plant in europe it powers the local city of volgograd and sends lots more electricity to moscow hydroelectric plant behind me is a potent example of how much the volga can provide but harnessing the river like this isn't without its cost. fishermen. we've been watching fish stocks for years they see the slow damage the downing of the river has done especially to russia's prized sturgeon the source of caviar but in the president of the hydroelectric plant has done significant damage because it stocked fish swimming up river to the spawning grounds. within a year all these houses would have gone fallen into the river depending on how many of the hydroelectric plants turbines are on the water level can change suddenly and
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dramatically too suddenly for the banks to absorb. control of the river flow by the plant has made building the boulders floodplain more attractive serious floods are less likely but the water that is put into the drains is taken away from the fish that need it now but last the voice of the voters ecology might start being heard. the first time in fifty years the rules will contain a point on maintaining biodiversity in the river we still have a chance to bring the volga back to life. meaning that the mighty volga is treated with the respect it deserves. welcome back you're watching our team live from moscow i'm karen tara well
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activists say rebel attacks in syria's north have killed at least twenty eight soldiers while there's also been a series of explosions in damascus this as one of the rebels main western backers washington has called for a complete shake up with the opposition revealing plans to bring in militants fighting at the front line secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. no longer sees syria or in base national council as a leading opposition force due to its lack of support on the ground they syrian opposition consists of various rebel. militias many of which have been infiltrated by radical islamists linked to al qaida meanwhile the exiled opposition group is planning to base itself inside syria and attempt to prove its relevance to skeptical and turn actual backers for more we can now talk to jeremy salt a middle east history and politics professor from bill king anniversary in turkey jeremy good to have you now the syrian exiled opposition group has now said it will move to syria in a matter of days what that be enough to rescue its credibility not
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a toll we heard just recently that the free syrian army was moving its headquarters to syria and we know that it states are about to die and not you went back to turkey know exactly where that where it is now we see if you don't know and the fact is that the groups the disparity in in syria response from so there's no coordinating body there's no central command and it's impossible to see any way in which one organization one one group can move to syria and then attempt to take control of all of them they won't respond they goals are all different i mean we now know that their fighting has been lived in many areas by the feature howdy's and they have their own agenda which is not just to form in syria it's to set up an islamic states and other groups have targeted judges there is no way they can be brought together under one command that the u.s. has previously voiced its discontent with the syrian national council why this decisive step now given the s.n.c. has been a leading opposition force for almost two years actually never been
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a leading opposition force the sense the syrian national council was dysfunctional dirty from the beginning it's never taken off it's there's never been any evidence this this group had any support on the ground in syria and what is really quite striking is it took the americans such a long time to wake up to suspect i mean we had hillary clinton her last visit to stumble which is a few weeks ago she didn't even bother to meet members of that council and i think that was the that was a very clear sign that they're about to drop us another finally done that they've recognized it was obvious to everyone else that this this this council has. no support inside syria another kind of this alternative is to set up a new council by saddam which will include the syrian national council as a member of but only as a member and will have fifty one members and we. know this seems to me another attempt by the united states to take control of the situation situation which at the moment is out of the control by setting up this council without dropping me in my which is to bring down the syrian government no i think any kind of reasonable
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person look at the situation decide that the first priority should be to actually bring about to be this is far stop the fighting and they're not willing to do that they're still looking for alternatives to maintain the struggle against syrian government without dropping a project of bringing down that government and and still holding back and throwing their weight behind. the attempts to have a cease fire without any preconditions and adding to that washington has already revealed plans to bring in those fighting at the front line but also says extremists should not hijack the syrian revolution doesn't its latest policy make that more likely yes there's no way they had been handing out to so-called extremists and which is the message this is that you keep fighting but you're not going to be nice if you will make up of the government blew it from its title made . and so the fragmentation inside the opposition but you know it's. i can
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see this possibly working from the american point of view. from turkish army saw middle east has politics professor probable cause university thank you think. now the scandal over it tsunami relief on science and all else where shock in japan after revelations that billions meant to help victims and reconstruction has gone to everything from helping whales to businesses nowhere near the disaster zone the full details are online. also there on earth as it is in space make your. also the rover has detected that dust on mars contains minerals similar journey found in why find out more at archie's website. a new internet law has come into effect in russia allowing the government to shut down web sites potentially harmful to children earlier this year a number of the country's most popular websites spoke out against the bill claiming it could pave the way for online censorship here's our tease you go to school all
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the details. well online registry which is going to contain the list of banned websites is already operating the purpose of this law is to protect children from potentially harmful information on the internet and the way it works is that afterwards monitor the web and to find things like instructions how to consume drugs or make weapons or propaganda of suicide or force naga if you go on this website it is recommended to take this information down if it doesn't then its host is recommended to do the scene and if it be in force fields these online then the website is put on this list in this registry is blocked and remains blocked until the information is taken down now actually on the bill was mixed here in russia as well as abroad wasn't it the reaction on this war has been mixed while there are those who believe that it could actually help protect children there all that also those who believe that it could be used to censor the internet but needless to say similar child protection laws are not something which was created here in russia
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it's a widespread practice all over the walls it will look at europe then there are some very tough legislation especially in some scandinavian countries with punishments going all the way up to jail sentences if we look at the united states then there is the controversial law which show prohibits children under thirteen from using search engines like google in g. mail but this has been causing quite a lot of criticism as well well here in russia we're talking about temporary measures because like i said these blocked websites could be unblocked if the information is taken down there's also always the possibility of t.v. . these pieces to the course which could also with the burn sets by the authorities all right r.t.c. court was kind of live from moscow thank you. for a look now at some other international stories in brief for you this hour a fuel tanker explosion in the saudi capital riyadh has killed twenty two people and injured more than one hundred twenty and a local military building the lorry blew up after crashing into a concrete highway underpass engulfing cars and houses and flames and multi-story
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building in a nearby industrial estate was destroyed almost entirely by the massive blast. kuwait authorities have warned of harsher measures in their crackdown on demonstrators who are defying a ban on public gatherings as follows a night of severe clashes between police and protesters who marched in support of a jailed opposition activist it violence initially erupted over changes to quit select torah law opposition groups say the legislation favors pro regime candidates in next month's parliamentary poll. they have a tropical storm has slammed into southern india killing at least eight people and forcing thousands to flee their homes brought heavy rain prompting massive landfall and flooding in low lying areas an oil tanker has also run aground rescuers are searching for six crew members missing after the lifeboat sent to rescue them crashed. and do stay with us in a couple of minutes max and stacy expose the dark secret secrets of the global
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financial industry if the cause a report that's coming up next on our team. sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then. you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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of. the people. the way our economic system.
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of the six america votes for its next president. the will is the us drives into the future. get the news the mainstream this is a close election. the us election up close to. fifteen. kilograms of rice. but why is the bride in a bad mood. to tell the group she's not. really . done.
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your welcome to the kaiser report you know in the old days back when bankers out of decency to jump shady business is used to fly by night today shady business is fly by day no contest to brazen no theft to audacious for today's ponzi and fraud economy the private and social bankers operate in broad daylight states. all out there for you to see it's not very difficult to see what's going to happen this fiscal cliff is actually in economic and central banking banks are banking cliff that we're approaching the first headline max database confirms max keiser guessed statement so this is regarding dominic frisby when he told you the story of having dinner with the head of gold at h.s.b.c. through which most gold in the world is transferred at some point or other and this head of gold at h.s.b.c.
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told him that despite the fact that china is the biggest producer he never sees bars with the chinese stamps on them so the bully on bars database search found that in the database i found zero matches for chinese manufactured gold bars in the g.l.d. records and also extended the query to see if other vaults had any i was mildly surprised to find none surprising because our current gold sample size includes data from not just h.s.b.c. london vault but also royal canadian mint and via matt london hong kong in zurich that's right china is not putting. any of their gold into the marketplace they're keeping it off for themselves and you mentioned fiscal cliff the fiscal cliff of course is the culmination of years and years of failing to take responsibility for a rogue economy that they're going to try to reconcile all at once when the entire population of america jumps off the fiscal cliff whether they do so in the next two months or six months or twelve months is irrelevant that fiscal.


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